“A must watch author. I cannot wait for the next novel release!” – Jenny “Not the typical self-development growth novel. I bought this for my winter vacation read. It was


Arthur Douglas is the writer and author of the new novel The Motel: Lessons in Regret. In high-school, Arthur never had the time to sit and read. His time was spent enjoying his life, whether it was playing sports, camping, fishing, sailing, or climbing mountains; all the activities that young people should be doing while they can. When his Grade 11 teacher challenged him about reading, Arthur quipped; “I’m too busy having adventures, someday people will read about me.”

Arthur spent over 8 years managing motels and witnessing firsthand some of the most bazaar, humorous and tragic events one might imagine. The Motel: Lessons in Regret, draws on those experiences. Most of the story is based on true events with lots of dramatic licenses. The characters are composites of many of the people that Arthur met during his journey.

He is the husband of a freelance journalist and a father, stepfather, and grandfather to twelve girls and two boys.

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