“A must watch author. I cannot wait for the next novel release!” – Jenny “Not the typical self-development growth novel. I bought this for my winter vacation read. It was

The Motel: Lessons In Regret

The Motel: Lesson in Regret focuses on Jack and Angie. They are two people who have had long life journeys filled with mistakes. Seemingly trapped in loveless lives, fate brings them together in a situation where neither one knows how to take the next step.

The novel is a fictional story based on personal experiences and experiences of Arthur Douglas managing motels for eight years.

The novel offers glimpses into the lives of typical motel guests. The motel is a place where people of all walks of life come. There are those that stay a night, some a week, others a few hours. Each one has a story. Some stories are funny, some exciting, and some tragic.

Jack, the owner of the motel, hoped to have a quiet life, running a quiet little motel resigning himself to accept that he was not meant to find the “one”. Angie is a single mom in a bad relationship trying to do right by her children and make ends meet. She’s given up on trying find that perfect partner. Her life is about her children. Neither Jack or Angie is prepared or recognize what true love is, especially when they find it through each other.

The Motel: Lesson in Regret is a story about romance, relationships and personal development. It is a story about how life can take you away from your dreams and purpose. It is possible to reset what happens to realize the ultimate life and love you deserve.

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